Rental guide for Balder's new developments

Here you’ll find information about how to acquire a newly produced rental apartment from Balder.

Rental guide for Balder's new developments

Here you’ll find information about how to acquire a newly produced rental apartment from Balder.

1. Register your interest

Once you have found an area or a project that you are interested in, you submit a registration of interest on the area or project page so that you can receive ongoing information and start to collect queue points. The registration of interest is not binding, and you can unsubscribe from the email list of the project at any time. You need a BankID to be able to submit a registration of interest for our rental apartments.

2. HomeQ and queue points

When you submit a registration of interest for one of our rental apartments, an account is also created at the HomeQ market portal, where you start to collect queue points – this is free of charge, and you earn 1 queue point for every day that you are a member. If you already have a HomeQ account linked to your personal ID number, you will just receive ongoing information about the project, a registration of interest does not affect any queue points you have already collected.

3. Ongoing mailings

As soon as we start construction work, we will send emails to you on an ongoing basis with important information. This is where we present, for example, the start of the letting process, internal and external visualisations, floor plans, rents and everything to do with the project’s progress.

4. Applications

6–9 months before occupants move in, we publish the apartments in the project at and HomeQ. You will receive an email containing all the practical information before the letting process starts. Make sure that your profile at HomeQ is complete before letting commences if you want to increase your chance of getting an apartment.

5. Offer and contract signing

The apartment is offered in order of priority to the applicant(s) who satisfy our letting policy and have the most queue points. If you have received an offer of an apartment, you have 48 hours to accept or decline; please note that the offer will be issued to multiple applicants. The apartment will be reserved for the applicant with the most queue points. That person will be contacted by us at Balder to sign a contract. The apartment is reserved until the contract has been signed by all parties. If the person chooses not to sign a contract, the apartment is offered to the next applicant.

6. Issuing of keys

As the moving-in date approaches, you will receive information about the date on which you will have access, and you will be given a time for moving in; this is to make things easier for you and your neighbours. There will be someone from Balder on site to go through the apartment together with you, to answer any questions or comments. You will also be given a digital property binder and a login to our tenant portal, My Balder.

7. Moving in

Once the keys have been handed over, it’s time to carry in your furniture and packing crates during your designated time slot. Then it’s time to order the mandatory moving-in pizza. Welcome to your new home!

If you have any questions about your application or the application process, please feel free to contact us.